• "I have truly enjoyed all the food ideas Tiffanie provides. Trying to eat healthy is hard as a mom running all over the place, but she provides such easy and inventive ideas... Even my kiddos love majority of the recipes. Tiffanie definitely motivates me to eat better and try to get healthy!"


  • "Tiffanie started coaching me back in April when I had hit rock bottom with my health. My fitness level was at an all time low, my blood pressure was on the high end as well I had gained 15lbs in 6 months. After 3 short months having Tiffanie coach me, my fitness level has improved tremendously, my blood pressure is on the low side now and I've lost 12lbs. I'm feeling very confident that I now I have the tools to lead a long term healthy and fit life. Thank you so much Tiffanie. I couldn't have done it without you!"


  • "Before anyone signs up for Instagram, she should have to attest to the fact that she promises to use it just for inspiration. That she promises that she won't use Instagram as a way to make herself feel bad. If we were all required to make such an affirmation, the first person we would all follow is Tiffanie. I'll began following Tiffanie because of the name of her account. It was that simple. Moms can be fit. Heck yeah we can. But what I received from that "follow" was so much more. Tiffanie devotes her days to educating us about our own bodies. About listening to our bodies, about knowing our bodies, about being kind to our bodies, about forgiving our bodies. The information I have gathered from her in just a few months has changed the way I feel and the way I think about a topic I've never felt in control of - food. She has inspired me to understand this vessel that houses my soul, mind and spirit in a way that has produced tangible results and, even more importantly, intangible results. I am learning, with Tiffanie's guidance, to be mindful of what my body needs and not being afraid of taking away the things it certainly doesn't need. Tiffanie does not seek to champion herself - although she celebrates her own victories - she seeks to celebrate you and I. People she may have never met. Her thirst for knowledge is contagious and empowering. Even more importantly, her sincerity is unmatched."


  • "After too many years of trying every diet out there, cleansing, drinking just shakes I was frustrated that I had gained weight again. I didn't know where to start and that felt overwhelming to me bc I've done so many different things. I came across Tiffanie and read her Instagram account and her stories sounded like me. I reached out to her and it's been the best decision for me.

    She's a wonderful coach and I love her approach to it all. The food, being mindful - the whole package and I feel like it's the best for me. I'm looking thru a different set of glasses and it's been great. I highly recommend her! I can't imagine not working with her. I love our calls because we go over any obstacles, how I can overcome them next time and plan how to attack the next few weeks out. I'm not looking at this as a diet, it's my new lifestyle and I love it and am grateful for it!


  • "I had been struggling alone for about five years to lose weight - five very long years. And nothing worked. In fact, I continued to gain weight, and as far as I could tell it was for no reason. I went to several doctors in my area who had no actual help to offer besides diet pills. Over the past year I had started cutting things out of my diet. I started with sugar and I thought for sure this was it! Nope. Then gluten! This will do it! Nope. I felt like I was probably moving in the right direction, but I was still gaining weight. At this point I wasn't sure what I was doing anymore, but I know I was extremely sad and disheartened. I had been doing a lot of work on my own and I think I was almost there, but Tiffanie got me the last bit over the finish line towards the start of progress. She recommended books and a doctor and helped me see where I could make further changes to help myself. I think the main thing she did was believe me. So many people - so very many - didn't believe me. They didn't believe I could still be gaining weight if I wasn't secretly eating all the food. They talked to me about portion control and Weight Watchers until I wanted to scream. And that was "friends and family." The doctors I talked to didn't want to do any tests because I was fine for my age, but were happy to give me diet pills. Um, thanks? I had a previous coach fire me because for sure I wasn't being honest with her about what I was eating. Just the fact that Tiffanie believed me and was like, yeah, this is something that can happen made me feel so much better. I was re-energized to keep looking for a solution. I'm still on the road to health, but this is what I know for sure. Tiffanie is a great coach/cheerleader. With her help I've been able to pull out some pants that have been on the shelf for two years and donate my current pants to Good Will. I'll take that kind of progress any day."


  • "After completing five sessions of coaching with Tiffanie, I feel equipped to pursue several short and long term health and wellness goals that benefit my whole self. The integrated approach makes so much sense as compartmentalizing can be counterproductive. Through Tiffanie’s guidance, I was able to take an honest look and see what might be getting in the way of progress, and she kindly helped me to see that I’ve actually come much further than I thought I had!

    I had been working toward closing an abdominal diastasis gap for years (eventually leading to pelvic floor issues) using different online programs. They would help, but none would get me fully recovered. I began meeting with Tiffanie and a local, specialized physical therapist who could examine me and watch me as I did the exercises, and through this was finally able to move from a 2.5 gap to closed! Tiffanie helped me stick with a plan to work toward my physical therapy goals at home.

    She helped me work through mental obstacles that were keeping me from accomplishing goals and seeing progress, and she listened carefully to what I was saying in order to help me see what might be getting in the way, even if it wasn’t physical. I loved the integrated approach.

    Tiffanie is encouraging, kind, challenging and insightful. Plus she has walked the road to health and wholeness herself! I highly recommend to anyone needing guidance, accountability or both! Thank you Tiffanie!"