How Did Momscanbefit Begin?

I was recently interviewed by a sweet friend of mine, Angie Elkins, who runs a podcast called, Chatologie. Every week Angie chats with a special guest for about an hour, and hears how God has made a difference in their stories.  Each of her guests have been super inspirational and I was very blessed to be a part of it!

To be honest, I was super nervous when she asked me, but it was seriously just like having a warm cup of coffee with a friend!  If you are interested in hearing my story, how I even got started with and where my life is now…feel free to check out the podcast for free on iTunes!  Link is below!

To hear my podcast, click HERE!

After you listen to it, I’d love to know your thoughts…any take aways you had in your own life through my story!!!

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