No matter the ages or stages of having children, every mom can feel great, and be a role model for active, healthy living to her family.

Welcome to Moms Can Be Fit!  I am so glad you are here.  As moms we wear many hats, often all at the same time; boo boo kisser, nightmare chaser, maid, chauffeur, and chef.  Our greatest blessings (yes…those little people in your home) can bring us abundant joy AND drain our energies of anytime left for ourselves!  However, there IS hope!  You can be the mom who gets on the floor to play with your kiddos and still has energy left in the day for you.  I hope you’ll stick around a bit, visit the blog and get to know me and other fellow moms better!  On my blog you’ll find practical tips & tricks I personally apply in my home as well as healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy. You CAN reclaim your health while maintaining your sanity as a mom!

If you want to go a bit deeper with me, take a look at the coaching opportunities I have available to you.  As an Integrative Health Coach, I get the privilege of helping my clients achieve optimal health and happiness in areas they have struggled on their own! Together, we dream big and plan well so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted to live!

How I can work with you:

"After completing five sessions of coaching with Tiffanie, I feel equipped to pursue several short and long term health and wellness goals that benefit my whole self. The integrated approach makes so much sense as compartmentalizing can be counterproductive. Through Tiffanie’s guidance, I was able to take an honest look and see what might be getting in the way of progress, and she kindly helped me to see that I’ve actually come much further than I thought I had!

Tiffanie helped me work through some mental obstacles that were keeping me from accomplishing goals and seeing progress, and she listened carefully to what I was saying in order to help me see what might be getting in the way, even if it wasn’t physical. I loved the integrated approach.

Tiffanie is encouraging, kind, challenging and insightful. Plus she has walked the road to health and wholeness herself! I highly recommend to anyone needing guidance, accountability or both! Thank you Tiffanie!"

Allison - Overland Park, KS